roanoke valley beer mile!

The typical beer mile consists of running a mile on a quarter mile track, but for each lap you must drink a full 12 oz. beer. Drink a beer and run a lap (x4 ). The world record for this feat is 4:39:56, but even if you aren't a world class runner (or chugger) this event is tons of fun and will get you riled up and ready to heckle some professional cyclocross racers. While the riders take a break, join in on the fun with the Roanoke Valley Beer Mile. Get Details and Register!


The Gist

  • Where- Fallon Park Cyclocross Course- That's right you actually get to do an obstacle course beer mile!
  • When- The cyclocross races will have a short break before the final pro race between 2:30-3:00pm. That's when we will host the beer mile.
  • Why- Cause you love running and beer (and maybe barfing).
  • Who- Open to the public, bring all your friends. Refer a friend discounts available.