PARKING at GO Cross - please read.


Picture mud-splattered cyclists running up hills with bikes flung over their shoulders. Riders smoothly dismounting, leaping over barriers, then jumping back on. Loud cheers, the clanging of cowbells, camaraderie and fun. ( Cyclocross courses are typically 1.5-2 miles off-road, although may include pavement and includes a variety of riding surfaces and obstacles including grass, dirt, mud pits, gravel pits, sand, stairs, barriers and a slew of other creative combinations. The races are based on a set time (measured by numbers of laps), not distance. 

Roanoke Cyclocross Race Weekend Schedule

Best Viewing Areas: See the map of Fallon Park (Roanoke's permanent cyclocross course) below. Parking areas are marked with blue triangles, there are two major spectator viewing areas, one beer garden, racer check-in in the pavilion, etc. Full racer instructions will be sent out via email. Spectators please follow us on Facebook for last minute details.

Outdoor Beer Gardens: Thanks to Deschutes Brewery you can sample craft beers onsite.


Food Trucks Onsite: Hanu Korean BBQ food truck, Longfin Grill, and Blue Cow Ice Cream will be onsite at Fallon Park all weekend.


Tailgating Experience: You tailgate at football games, why not a bike race! If you're interested in setting up a party tent and hanging out all day then let us know. We'll find a special spot on the course for you and your friends to grill out in sight of all the action. Shoot us an email.

Shenanigans: Even if you aren't a can get in on the action with the Roanoke Endurance Team (RET) Run Cross 1 Hour Running Race, craft beer tastings, lawn games, giveaways, heckling and more.

Parking: There is quite a lot of parking onsite at Fallon Park. If however the lots are full please park at the elementary school at the top of the hill. We also recommend carpooling or riding your bike if you live locally, because biking is awesome. :) 

Post Race: There are tons of fabulous nightlife and dining options in Roanoke. Join the GO Cross Race Crew for an after-party Saturday evening (6-10pm) at the new Deschutes Tasting Room in Downtown Roanoke.